WOA-TV is a non-profit community media and technology center located in Windsor VT.

WOA-TVʼs mission is to encourage free speech by providing easy access to electronic media to all citizens of the WOA service area on a nondiscriminatory basis. WOA-TV operates a public access channel that provides local programming for area residents, and provides equipment and air time to any WOA-TV user, for any noncommercial purpose, free of charge.

Programs seen on WOA-TV are created by local citizens who have been trained to use our equipment. Our production staff produces many local programs, including the school and select board meetings, as well as other important town events. The remainder of the programs originate from other access centers in Vermont, neighboring states, or from other parts of the country. We give priority to locally produced shows. We also maintain a town bulletin board keeping the community aware of all the events going in town as well as the surrounding areas. We are the town information source made by the community and for the community.

WOA-TV maintains a TV station in the heart of downtown Windsor. We offer community members the opportunity to utilize our field and in-house production equipment. We have consumer and professional grade digital video cameras, professional digital video editing stations, and a sound proof studio. WOA-TV provides free training.

WOA-TV is about community. We are here to help the community learn and use technology to create television programs for all to enjoy. WOA-TV is your television station; a place for you to stay informed of local politics, a place for you to learn technology and a place for you to volunteer your skills. WOA-TV is the place where Windsor comes together.