Why Donate to WOA-TV?

Your support means we are able to continue telling the stories of our community. We televise several new uniquely local programs every year. Many of these are produced by our staff with the help of much-needed volunteers. But more than half are produced by people and organizations who need our help to tell their stories through video and affordable access to television and the Internet.

Your donation means many things. You are helping WOA-TV to bring you programming like Windsor Yellow Jackets sports coverage, select and school board meetings, local school and holiday concerts, news and updates in our area, local media such as “Around Windsor” with Tom Marsh,  original music  and even town festivities like parades, and graduation.

Your support  makes it possible for us to provide state-of-the-art video production equipment for the public to use to create and voice their opinions. Funds are needed to provide ongoing training for our staff on new and developing technologies, so that we can make these new tools available and help the community to use them.

Your support helps local people and organizations that want to voice their opinion, share their faith, or send a message to the viewing public. We help our fellow non-profit organizations get their message out about donating and volunteering for their missions. Food Banks, The American Red Cross, Youth Organizations, Mental Health Agencies, Fundraisers, Volunteer Events, and many others all need help telling their stories effectively and affordably!

Your donation helps exercise the American right to freedom of speech. WOA-TV provides an outlet for many political views, community groups, and organizations that might not otherwise have a voice.  With the ongoing disappearance of many local forms of media, you help us to remain a unique local media station located in the same community with our viewers.

Another great way to support WOA-TV is to donate your time! We are always looking for volunteers to help with various productions. Not only do you help us, but volunteering with WOA-TV can provide you with the video production experience many are looking for.  WOA-TV will provide training and equipment so that you can produce your own quality feature. Show us your Windsor!

Thank you very much for your support! Your tax deductible contribution means we can keep on telling the stories of this community. We appreciate your contribution and pledge to use our resources to serve the community well.  Please send your donation to:

PO Box 15
Windsor VT 05089

Any questions, please send an email inquiry to woa-tv@comcast.net